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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Angels, The second power of the first power

Angels are the second power of the first power who is God the father and of the Elohim. All power comes from God the Elohim, the supreme creator who disseminates the power to the archangels and angels. Archangels and angels are both angels excerpt that an archangel is a higher title of an angel designating that the being is in charge of many angels.

The archangel is equivalent to the manager of a company whereas angels are the workers. Angels have power and pride and they demand respect when addressing them. An angel does not respond to a prayer if placed on the third level of power. They simply do not respond, and even find it disrespectful. To place an angel on the third level of power is to place them on the same level as a human being.
The form of prayer which has become widespread as God the father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit is not correct and the angels do not respond and even find it insulting. In the order of Father, Son, Holy Spirit the church places Jesus as the son, and the Holy Spirit as the angels. This order is a spiritual mistake that has to be corrected if Christianity expects to hold itself in place against the bashings of the atheists. The correct order is: in the name of God the father YHVH, God the son Holy Emmanuel, and in the name of the messiah Jesus.

During the ministry and mission of Jesus, it is the Holy Ghost that grants power to Jesus, Jesus does not grant power to the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus, and on mankind to give man power, Jesus did not descend on the Holy Spirit. A human soul no matter how spiritually advanced the person is or becomes is not higher than an angel. Angels maintain a higher ranking than the gods, or those ascended masters, and the order of ranking does not change. A god does not have power of his own, the power comes from God the father, through the angel, then to the god or man, woman, or child. A god or prophet cannot perform miracles without the angels, hence we must recognize where the true power comes from and give credit where it is due. Jesus could not have performed the miracles without the angel Emmanuel, for the true power comes from the father, passed down to the angel Emmanuel, then to Jesus. Jesus even instructed the disciples after he resurrected for the apostles to wait for the Holy Spirit to descend upon them before going out to preach the gospel.

A god as an ascended being becomes an immortal human soul, but nonetheless is still a human soul with a free will. A god does not rise to the status to be second in command to God, unless God the father transformed that god into an angel; the archangels and angels remain the second power to God. The name of a god cannot compel an angel or demon to act, for the angels and demons were not created by the name of the god. It is the names of the Elohim as given in the book; THE SEVEN HEBREW GODS that compels angels and demons to act.

Spiritual beings take pride in what they are, very ostentatious, and confident in their powers. They demand respect, just as human beings of authority demand respect. The prayer format “Hail Mary mother of God”; is a disrespect to God, for Mary is not the mother of the God YHVH. It can be modified to say “Hail Mary mother of the messiah Jesus”. Spiritual powers are very sensitive in their pride for with much power also comes pride. Let us respect the angels as being the second in command to God the first power.

It is some of these basic fundamental beliefs that has torn Judaism, Islam, and Christianity apart, resulting in strife, discord and wars. To disrespect God, is also a disrespect to the God of Islam and a disrespect to the God of Judaism. For the children of today to be told that the mother of God is a Jewish woman named Mary and God is a Jewish man named Jesus gives ammunition to the atheist to bash down Christianity. In the name of God the father YHVH, and in the name of God the son Holy Emmanuel, and in the name of the Messiah Jesus, may blessing be upon you.

Ken Nunoo